About Us


My name is Mary O'Malley and I am the founder of Mary O'Malley Chocolatier; A small web-based business out of Annapolis, MD. My true passion is to design and create handmade artisan chocolates to brighten your day! After I realized that chocolate is my passion I knew I wanted to share it with others. As a graduate of Ecole Chocolat, many skills were learned and practiced in the world of chocolate.


Founded in 2012

We aim to provide your palate with the exceptional taste of flavors through the use of the finest ingredients. We also deliver an outstanding visual experience through our presentation. We seek to break the barrier of traditional flavors normally paired with chocolate by offering unique and exotic flavors, new to the world of chocolate.

Our Mission

We aim to create beautiful handmade artisan chocolate in order to provide you with the chocolate experience and maintain the highest degree of quality control.


At Mary O'Malley Chocolatier we use the very finest Swiss and beans originating from countries such as the Dominican Republic.  Because the finest chocolate deserves the finest ingredients, we use only fresh herbs and spices as well as fresh cream. We do not use artificial flavors or preservatives and therefore our chocolates should be enjoyed within two weeks from purchace. Please store chocolates in the refrigerator but enjoy them at room temperature. However, if you wish to keep them longer we recommend freezing them.

After traveling to Ireland with her family she was inspired to incorporate some of my experiences into her business. The names of the chocolates are inspired by various places in Ireland such as famous streets, counties and old pubs. The colors we use are white, orange and green colors which are found in the packaging and business cards, representing Irish colors.

*ALLERGY INFORMATION: We use nuts in our kitchen, if you you have an allergy we suggest you do not consume our chocolates.